The where do u live thread ..

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Re: The where do u live thread ..

Postby loismustdye » Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:42 pm

Yeti wrote:Currently in Central Hawke's Bay after moving to the UK in 2010. I actually came back about 18 months ago, but career and family have kept me busy. Now seems like the right time to put my toe back in to the market.

It's looking highly likely that I'll be moving back to Dunedin, where I was before I left in 2010, by the end of the year.

Whereabouts! Im a ypuk native myself.
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Re: The where do u live thread ..

Postby Saint Traft » Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:54 pm

Add me to the Auckland list please. Thanks. :)
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Re: The where do u live thread ..

Postby primes73 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:16 pm

I live in Hamilton so please add me there :D

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Re: The where do u live thread ..

Postby skydemolisher » Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:19 pm

Never knew Soundblaster had made a list on the 1st page :P hahaha. He hasn't logged in though in over half a year so mods might need to change list.
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