Miracle Production MA-01 Voltron Vehicle Force

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Miracle Production MA-01 Voltron Vehicle Force

Postby davehammer » Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:13 am

I can offer Miracle Production MA-01 Voltron Vehicle Force "Improve Version" for $165NZD pc + shipping from Hong Kong

For those who are unfamiliar with the back story of this product or the company behind it.
I feel responsible to give some few quick info about it.
Miracle Production has done some pretty rotten shit in the past with this product and screwed over many customers and dealers alike.
Long story short
The first version of this was an over priced pile of trash.
Nothing worked as it was meant to, fragile, horrible QC etc
They then made this improved version, fixed all the problems and undercut the price they offered the original dealers

With that said, I did pick up an "Improve Version" of this myself and for the price, I'm pretty impressed.
It's big, sturdy, good amount of accessories and REAL heavy
I'm not trying to sugar coat it and say now it's the best thing since sliced bread
It is still a bit rough around the edges and not quite Takara or Bandai quality
But I do feel it is a good product if you're a fan of this character =)

Any takers?

One unit weight 2.5kg if I send it in the shipper it comes with.
So $44.5 shipping for 1 pc

My usual shipping cost table FYI

$25 for the first 1kg
$6.5 per additional 0.5kg
$5.5 per additional 0.5kg once over 5kg
The net weight includes the weight of the carton box itself.

My Kiwi Bank info:



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