Bumblebee Movie

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Bumblebee Movie

Postby prowl is prime » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:01 pm

I had an idea of what I would like to see for the Bumblebee movie. I was thinking along the lines of an interview with Bumblebee about his history showing flashbacks starting with War for Cybertron and leading to the 5th movie.

War for Cybertron could expand on being a scout and working with Zeta Prime during Megatron's uprising.
G1 could show him as a scout who gets pushed around by the bigger Autobots but he finds the Decepticons secret base.
Beast Wars could show how he ended up on the Ark and the change from car to cheetor/dealing with puberty .
A/E/C could show his return to a vehicle coupled with a name change and becoming a younger warrior and progressing to Cybertron defense force.
Prime could show the mission he was on when Megatron ripped out his voicebox.
RID could show Optimus leaving and his role in the academy.

It could be a way to show how the series all fit together in some way.

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Re: Bumblebee Movie

Postby Nero » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:11 pm

Im just always interested in other transformers being lead, makes for some good variety beyond O.Prime and Megatron.

If the Bumblebee one works I do hope they try out a Starscream one or some other bots, maybe diving back into older cartoons as the source material a bit more like you said.

More than anything Id love some of the IDW comics getting moviefied, maybe not live action but something cartoon and G1 esque would be amazing. The stories they could choose.

Gosh transformers is an amazing franchise, so many options and possibilities
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