Paul Eiding (AKA Perceptor)

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Paul Eiding (AKA Perceptor)

Postby IronhideTFX » Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:01 pm

I got the chance to head down to Armageddon and made it to the animation panel.
It had none other than G1 Perceptors VA, Paul Eiding.
What a cool guy. Really funny and down to Earth.
Turns out he is a big rugby fan (A fan got him an All Blacks jersey with Perceptor on the back) He was stoked.
Gave me chills to hear him do the voice (Started with "I fear the wounds are fatal).
All in all it was a surreal event, Perceptor was one of the few main character G1s i had as a kid.
Very cool, if Armageddon is heading your way i absolutely insist you head on down!

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