Zippo's Pre Order Forum - 2015 Rules and Information

Resident importer Zippo is here to import the latest toys from almost any Transformer toyline. Whether you're after the latest hot new Japanese release or American Transformers not released in New Zealand, come here and see what Zippo can do for you!

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Zippo's Pre Order Forum - 2015 Rules and Information

Postby Zippo » Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:18 pm

After a very short break, and after looking at other options to run the pre order away from the forum, I have come back. :twisted: :roll: :oops:

So I present, the new and improved Zippo's Pre Order Forum

* This is a fan service, run by a fan for other fans of Transformers. This is not a business, this is very much a side venture for me
* The general idea of this pre order forum, its to be able to bring in items into the country at prices that are cheaper than New Zealand retail (if the item is released here) OR cheaper than single importing of the item. I do not always guarantee the cheapest prices and sometimes things that are out of my control can make things more expensive than expected.
* I do not make any profit from this forum, the price you pay is the price I also pay for the same item.
* My pre orders are generally for items that I am bringing in for myself - I do not offer all items released by Hasbro or Takara Tomy. If you see something you are interested in "out there" but I have not offered a pre order, please Private Message me and I will see what I can do
* As a New Zealand based internet seller, I have responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act - please see the existing information here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=13438
* By having this Pre Order forum, members of TFNZ are in no way obliged to purchase items from me. I encourage users to shop around and use whatever tools or services they are comfortable with to get toy robots.

* Each pre order states the price of each item, options for ordering, minimum order requirements, item release date, pre order close off and payment due date. Before ordering please make sure you read and understand each of these terms and conditions.
* Unless noted otherwise, a pre order will be a commitment to purchase the items asked for.
* Minimum order numbers have become a condition of ordering due to low pre order numbers. Orders under the minimum order threshold may be cancelled or have prices increased. Minimum order numbers are also required to try and make sure that pricing remains competitive against single item orders.
* Pricing can move on each order due to exchange rate changes between starting the pre order and product release date.
* Full payment is due by the payment due date, I will not chase people to provide payment - warnings will be posted when payment due is near.

Thank you to all those who have used my service in the past, and to those who will use it in the future

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