In Trade - Consumer Guarantees Act/Fair Training Act

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In Trade - Consumer Guarantees Act/Fair Training Act

Postby Zippo » Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:31 pm

Hi everyone, really important information here so please read

On the 17th of June 2014, New Zealand consumer law was updated.
As a result of this update, I am now "IN TRADE" when I use Zippo's Pre Order forum to offer pre orders to members of the forum. This gives everyone rights under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act, and the Fair Trading Act and I am legally bound to uphold claims under those acts

I am gathering my information from these websites at the moment ... ng-online/ ... antees-act ... rading-act

The problem with the way that purchases are made for the pre orders is that as the first consumer here in New Zealand I have little rights in trying to get compensation, which in turn affects my ability to provide under the acts.

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA), your rights are
good(s) be of acceptable quality
good(s) be fit for a particular purpose
good(s) match any description given to you
good(s) be able to be legally sold (the retailer must have title to the goods)
good(s) be a reasonable price (when the price is not set)
good(s) arrive on time and in acceptable condition
good(s) have spare parts and repair facilities available
good(s) the terms of any manufacturer's express guarantee (ie their warranty) must be met

Under the Fair Trading Act (FTA), as a seller I must not
mislead or deceive you
give you false or misleading information
use unfair trading practices

The first point for ANY problem on any sale from the 17th of June 2014 via Zippo's Pre Order forum is me (Zippo).

The one part of the acts that I can contract out of is the spare parts and repair facilities - I will be updating all my current pre orders to reflect that if a product is faulty out of package I am unable to provide a replacement

While I hope that users of my pre order forum remember that I am just one person and do not try to abuse my requirements under the new law, if I start noticing a trend then I am able to ban users from placing pre orders and my ultimate step is to close down the pre order forum and not offer any form of importing services

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