TFNZ Posting Guidelines.

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TFNZ Posting Guidelines.

Postby Starscream NZ » Wed Jul 12, 2006 7:59 pm

Alright everyone, I think it best we sticky this as a guideline for posting here on TFNZ....since this is the main place people post, I figured here is best.

Ok. Basic rules apply for posting here:

Be kind, courteous, check if the question or thread you want to be ask/post has already been posted. There's no real need to abuse another member, if they abuse you, either ignore their comments or alert a Staff Member.

NO Homophobic comments, please REFRAIN from using the term 'gay' for something you dislike eg 'That toy looks gay' - it doesn't...and it's offensive, feel free to use words like 'ugly, stupid, gross' - as these are a lot more appropriate.

Religious jokes/debates - light-heartedly jokes are ok....nothing too serious though, as many here are religious, and do not wish to have it abused. Debate is healthy, insults are not.

Quotes - using quotes is fine, however please do NOT quote images, persistent failure to do so will result in you receiving a warning.

Don't spam, please, it's not necessary....

Buying/Selling/Trading rules are found in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum, please follow them.

I think that's about it...any queries, just drop me or another member of staff a PM.

Starscream NZ

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