WTB: Transformers Cybertron Figures

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WTB: Transformers Cybertron Figures

Postby Fan-of-Cool-Stuff-27 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:29 pm

Hey guys, so I wanted to make a post so that I could finish off my TF Cybertron Collection.

The codes in the brackets are the codes found on the back of each Cyber Key to the respective figure.

These are the ones I still need to get:

- Cybertron Deluxe Class Hot Shot (d85b)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Cybertron Defense Hot Shot (d1o4)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Red Alert (d26w)
- Cybertron Ultra Class Cybertron Defense Red Alert (up0t)
- Cybertron Voyager Class Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (v4kt)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Override (dy7p)
- Cybertron Scout Class Clocker (s129)
- Cybertron Scout Class Backstop (stw7)
- Cybertron Voyager Class Evac (v49u)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Crosswise (d9f2)
- Cybertron Leader Class Metroplex w. Mini-Con Drill Bit (lm74)
- Cybertron Voyager Class Quickmix w. Mini-Con Stripmine (ve37)
- Cybertron Ultra Class Wing Saber (uya7)
- Recon Mini-Con Team (Jolt, Six-Speed, Reverb)
- Cybertron Supreme Class Primus w. Unicron Head (sp8u) (Only Wave 2 of Primus came with the Unicron head, it doesn't matter whether it has it or not)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Longrack (d48m) (Armada Hoist retool)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Blurr (d0y2) (Armada Blurr retool)

- Cybertron Leader Class Galvatron (l65x)
- Cybertron Voyager Class Dark Crumplezone (v2r2)
- Cybertron Ultra Class Scourge (u2m8)
- Cybertron Scout Class Undermine (s48a)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Brimstone (d0h3)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Thunderblast (dh62)
- Cybertron Ultra Class Menasor w. Mini-Con Heavy Load (us4r)
- Cybertron Voyager Class Mudflap (v6t7)
- Cybertron Voyager Class Nemesis Breaker (v6f5)
- Cybertron Deluxe Class Buzzsaw (df58) (Armada Cyclonus retool)
- Cybertron Voyager Class Soundwave w. Mini-Con Laserbeak (vmj8)

If anyone has any of these they are willing to sell me it would be much appreciated.

(NOTE: Any figures I receive will disappear from the list)
On the hunt for on-screen Movieverse TF figures, Unicron Trilogy figures and RiD 2001 figures.

If you are willing to sell any of these to me or want to know what I'm specifically after just message me and let me know it would be much appreciated.

Instagram: fanofcoolstuff27_nz


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