FS: Titans Return Wave 4 Deluxes/Legends/Titan Masters

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FS: Titans Return Wave 4 Deluxes/Legends/Titan Masters

Postby han baby » Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:08 pm

hi guys

so i've gone in with a local consortium to get in the entire TR wave 4 but as you may have read elsewhere, it is quite the peculiar wave. i'm only interested in keeping ones i don't have so will have the following extras if anyone's keen:

Kup, Perceptor, Topspin (Deluxe) - $30
Bumblebee (Legends - previously released in wave 3) - $20
Nightbeat, Skytread (Titan Master - previously released in waves 1 and 2, respectively) - $10

i'm told they'll arrive next week so should get them in hand by this time next week or week after worst-case. would prefer if someone takes them all and even better, can pick-up from my central auckland location heh.

thanx, guys.

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