Bunch of figures to sell! Prices lowered.

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Bunch of figures to sell! Prices lowered.

Postby Nick92 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:30 pm

Hey all, been a long time lurker, finally made an account as I have a bunch of Transformers to sell off, figured better here than Trade Me first. Prices are all negotiable, just a rough number really.

All figures are essentially brand new condition and have been displayed on shelves.

Transformers Generations:

Dreadwing $15

Windblade $15

Scoop $10 (Stress marks on chest plate hinge)

Chromia $15

Swerve $10

Tailgate $10

Jhiaxus $10 - Broken nose wheel, can't see in robot mode anyway...

Skywarp $15

Blackshadow $15

Minicon Assault Team (Centuritron when combined) $10

Combiner Wars:

Optimus Prime $30

Fireflight $15

Alpha Bravo $15

Skydive $15

Megatron $30

Cyclonus $30

Hot Spot $30

First Aid $15

Thundercracker (small figure) $10

Groove $10

Bombshell $10

Hunt For The Decepticons:

Seaspray $30


Downshift (No missles, but weapons that fire them are included) $20


Starscream (Dark Energon BBTS Exclusive) $15

Bumblebee (Dark Energon BBTS Exclusive) $15

Wheeljack (Dark Energon BBTS Exclusive) $15

Knockout (Dark Energon BBTS Exclusive) $16

Vehicon (Car) $15

Cyberverse Starscream $5


Jazz $15

Fixit $5

Fall of Cybertron:

Ultra Magnus $15


G2 Bumblebee $50

Revenge of the Fallen:

Sideswipe $15

Cheers guys!


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